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Selfish by Soph

Custom Hand-Painted Air Force 1 Deposit

Custom Hand-Painted Air Force 1 Deposit

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Step into a world of personalized style with our Custom Hand-Painted Air Force 1 Sneakers! Ready to make a statement that's uniquely you? Pay the deposit, and Soph will reach out to turn your sneaker dreams into reality.

These kicks aren't just shoes; they're a canvas for your individuality. Completely customizable, you have the power to choose the colors, themes, and designs that reflect your personality. Whether you're into bold patterns, vibrant hues, or sleek monochromes – the choice is yours.

The process is as easy as a playful stride. Pay the deposit, and Soph will guide you through the customization journey. You can either send in your own sneakers for a personal touch or let Soph handle the sneaker hunt for you. It's a hassle-free experience designed for the sneaker enthusiast in you.

Imagine strolling in one-of-a-kind sneakers that turn heads at every step. From funky doodles to intricate designs, your imagination is the limit. Each pair is a unique masterpiece, crafted with passion and precision.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can strut in extraordinary? Pay the deposit, and let Soph transform your Air Force 1s into a wearable work of art. It's not just about shoes; it's about expressing your style from toe to heel, one custom step at a time. Lace up and let the customization begin! 👟🎨✨


White Nike Air Force 1s

Painted with leather paint & sealed with Hodge Podge


Behold a truly unique piece! All hand-painted jackets are made to order and crafted with detail and precision. Your custom jacket will be unrivaled – no two designs are the same. Plus, the photos may not do justice to true vibrancy of the colors. Soph takes great care to craft an individual masterpiece that meets your specifications.

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