Selfish by Soph was Featured in Newsday!



In a delightful convergence of artistry, fashion, and fandom, Selfish by Soph has garnered a spotlight in the esteemed pages of Newsday. This recognition not only celebrates the artistic merits but also pays homage to Soph's deep admiration for pop sensation Taylor Swift and her foray into the world of fashion and sports.

What sets Selfish by Soph apart is its unique intersection with the world of fashion and fandom. Soph's unabashed love for Taylor Swift, a global icon renowned for her musical prowess and fashion-forward sensibilities, permeates the pages. Through our denim jackets and thematic elements, Selfish by Soph pays homage to Swift's influence on her own artistic journey, infusing Selfish by Soph with a vibrant energy that resonates with fans of pop culture.  One of our best selling pieces is The Taylor Swift Children's Denim Jacket.

Newsday's decision to feature Selfish by Soph reflects its cultural relevance. In an era where fandoms play an increasingly prominent role in shaping popular culture, Soph's celebration of Swift's music and style strikes a chord with readers who share her passion for the iconic singer-songwriter.

Moreover, Soph's connection to Taylor Swift extends beyond mere admiration. As a clothing brand, Selfish by Soph has been an avid supporter of Swift's foray into the world of fashion. Swift's recent collaboration with the NFL and her relationship with Travis Kelce, a star player for the Kansas City Chiefs, has further solidified her status as a trailblazer in the realm of sports and style.

For Selfish by Soph, being recognized for our art in Newsday is not just a validation of our talents but also a celebration of her multifaceted identity as a fan, creator, and fashion aficionado. 

In the wake of its feature in Newsday, Selfish by Soph stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Taylor Swift's influence and the limitless possibilities of artistic expression. As Soph continues to make her mark on the fashion landscape, one thing remains abundantly clear: her passion for art knows no bounds, and her love for Taylor Swift continues to inspire and uplift those around the world.