The Origin Story of Selfish by Soph

Hey, it's me Soph!  

I started Selfish by Soph in May 2020 after graduating from the University of Miami with a degree in International Finance and Marketing.  I danced through college on the Sunsations Dance Team, I was in Tri Delta, and I worked a part time job. I kept rather busy, but the one thing that was missing was art.

In high school I had attended NYSSMA for art (some NY state competition where they judge your artwork haha.)  I was really committed to painting and creating.  My favorite toy as a kid was a scrapbook where you cut out dresses and glued outfits to tiny wire hangers - I loved it so much.  I also attended various art classes that my mom would find for me.  My middle school art teacher became one of my good friends (shoutout Ms. K) and she knew I could handle more challenging projects, so she would assign me different projects than the class (I hated it at the time because I like painting what I want to paint, but it really transformed my skills.)  

Anyways, in college I didn't have time to create or draw or paint, so when quarantine rolled around and we had exponential amounts of free time, I started drawing again. I really missed it. Something about sitting down with an idea and seeing it come to fruition in front of you just excites me. It also quiets the endless chatter in my brain.  

Without a full time career path lined up and not sure what I really wanted out of life, I came up with the idea of painting denim jackets. I had told a few people about the idea and I got the usual: "Who's going to buy it? People don't need more than one denim jacket!  Do you think people will really pay for that?"  But my dad really saw the vision and with his support (and that of many, many others who have not been named but are integral to my business) I decided to go for it. 

The next issue was a name for this cute little business idea.  I sat in my bed and made list after list of all the ideas I could come up with.  (Fun fact: there is nothing I love more than making lists even though I rarely finish one before making a new one.)  My friends in college used to tell me I was selfish because I never did anything I didn't want to and so Selfish by Soph was born. It just felt right.  Plus, Soph was my nickname in college and I loved it.

When I started out, I was just painting denim jackets for friends and family.  Shoutout to the people who were my og customers - you know who you are!  I never even thought Selfish by Soph would grow to become what she is today.  

Since those fruitful first painted denim jackets, I have attended fairs and events as a vendor.  I have dropped several collections, some doing better than others (learning lessons people!) I have hosted and modeled in quite a few photoshoots.  I have painted more denim jackets than I have kept track of (we're changing that in 2024, believe me!)  I have spent hundreds of hours to create a website that was beautiful and easy to use. And I wouldn't change any of it.

At the end of 2023 I worked with a business mentor and really narrowed in on my goals. I decided to really take Selfish by Soph seriously and dedicated "growth" as my word for the new year. So far, as of 3/22/2024, I have done the following:

  • I dropped a new hand painted denim jacket collection on 1/31/2024!
  • I hosted my first paint party event for Galentine's Day on 2/11/2024!
  • I rebranded (for the 4th time) on 3/7/2024!
  • I dropped a new limited edition sweatshirt design on 3/22/2024!
  • I partnered with other small businesses!
  • I decided to refer to Selfish by Soph as a business not a small business ~thinking bigger~
  • I am working with Instagram Influencers and brand ambassadors!
  • I am hosting my first ever pop-up shop at a boutique on 4/27/2024!

Now it just sounds like I'm bragging but... the possibilities are seemingly endless!!!  I have huge dreams for Selfish by Soph and I will continue to show up as the best version of myself to deliver to you the beautiful pieces you guys love.  I could never thank you enough for supporting my dreams.  I have an amazing support system within each and everyone one of you whether or not we've met.  It makes me so sentimental, but gosh do I love it.

I can't wait to look back at Selfish by Soph in a year and see all the growth we've achieved!!!!<33

As always, with love,