BTS of Selfish by Soph

Cute Custom Black Hoodie

Sophia Janotha - Founder & Creative Director

Sophia graduated in May from the University of Miami with a BSBA in International Finance and Marketing. Graduating during a pandemic made finding a marketing job difficult and quarantine meant a lot of free time. One late boring night at home, Sophia had an idea: she wanted her art to reach a larger audience. From her obsession with jean jackets and her rekindled love for painting, Selfish by Soph was born.

Sophia currently works as a CRE Leasing Marketing Director for Leasing REality full time.  She also teaches a few dance classes at her former dance studio, Legacy Dance Center.  Her passion for continuing to grow Selfish by Soph is enormous and really shows in her dedication to her work.

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Aliyah Petrone - Rhinestoner

Aliyah is currently completing a Bachelor's degree in Pyschology and she plans on going back to school to earn a doctoral degree. Aliyah is currently teaching dance at Legacy Dance Center. She is also the master rhinestoner for Selfish by Soph. You can check her out in the New York Times bestseller, "Born to Dance" by Jordan Matter.