BTS of Selfish by Soph

Sophia Janotha - Founder, Creative Director, CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, Designer, Customer Service, Photographer, Model, Artist 

Sophia graduated in May 2020 from the University of Miami with a BSBA in International Finance and Marketing. Graduating during a pandemic made finding a marketing job difficult and quarantine meant a lot of free time. One late boring night at home, Sophia had an idea: she wanted her art to reach a larger audience. From her obsession with jean jackets and her rekindled love for painting, Selfish by Soph was born.

Sophia currently works full time during the day & pursues a job as a dance teacher in the evenings. Sophia keeps busy, but makes time for all of her orders while still creating new products! 

Sophia is attending a class this fall at FIT to grow her artistic abilities & her business knowledge. Wearing a lot of hats as the sole employee for Selfish by Soph means more knowledge is power. Sophia is starting to take on sewing, thrifting, & so much more so follow closely to see what new products are to come!