Working with Selfish by Soph

Working with Selfish by Soph

Cute Custom Hand Painted Blue Denim Jacket for Women

One of my biggest inspirers in life has been my older sister and only sibling, Sophia.  During quarantine, while on the job hunt, she decided to pursue a dream of hers and start making custom denim jackets.  She started with a few designs, one of them being the "Allie Jacket," which is named after me.  She has a creative passion and has grown her business tremendously over the past six months.    

Tough Work

Sophia works day in and day out on her small business.  Luckily, she chose me to be one of her models.  I have had a great time supporting her through all of her endeavors.  Go check her out on Instagram @selfishbysoph and    #selfish #denim #fashion #style #custom #selfishbysoph

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