Sip and Paint Night at The Huntington Loft: A Creative Evening with Selfish by Soph

paint night event wine Wednesday in Huntington New York for women, men, teens paint your own pair of jeans

Get ready for an evening filled with creativity, laughter, and a splash of wine! Join us at The Huntington Loft on May 15th from 6:30-8:30pm for a unique Sip and Paint Night hosted by Selfish by Soph.

What's the Twist?

Unlike traditional paint nights where everyone paints on canvas, this event has a fun twist! We'll be painting on an article of clothing that you bring along. Whether it's a plain t-shirt, a denim jacket, or a canvas tote bag, the choice is yours! Imagine wearing your own personalized piece of art and showing it off to the world.

Who's Hosting?

Our talented host for the evening is Selfish by Soph, a creative force known for her unique designs and vibrant artistry. Soph will guide you through the painting process, providing step-by-step instructions to help bring your clothing item to life. No prior painting experience? No worries! This event is suitable for all skill levels, and Soph will be there to assist and inspire you along the way.

Babes in Business Welcomed!

Attention all Babes in Business members! This Sip and Paint Night is the perfect opportunity to unwind, network, and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or simply passionate about business, you're highly welcomed to join us for this creative gathering.

Bring Your Own Wine and Friends!

What's a Sip and Paint Night without some sipping? Bring along your favorite bottle of wine or beverage of choice to enjoy while you paint. Share a glass with friends, make new connections, and toast to a memorable evening filled with creativity and fun.

Event Details:

  • Date: May 15th
  • Time: 6:30-8:30pm
  • Location: The Huntington Loft
  • Hosted by: Selfish by Soph

How to Join:

Ready to unleash your inner artist? Tickets for this event are limited, so be sure to reserve your spot early! You can purchase tickets through Selfish by Soph's website or by contacting The Huntington Loft directly.

Don't forget to bring your article of clothing to paint on, your favorite bottle of wine, and invite your friends to join in on the fun. Let's make this Sip and Paint Night a night to remember!

We look forward to seeing you there for an evening filled with creativity, laughter, and artistic flair. Cheers to painting, sipping, and making memories together!

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