Rebranding Selfish by Soph

Selfish by Soph has some news...  We are REBRANDING!

While Selfish by Soph looks absolutely adorable in pink, I am a blue girly at heart. Growing up I was the blue sister... well actually my bedroom was purple, BUT I was definitely the blue sister. If you ask my friends, they wouldn't be able to tell you what my favorite color is because I love them all. Red cowboy boots are my favorite personality trait, and a deep emerald green is always going to have my heart. Obviously, we know I like pink at this point too. But good old blue, takes the cake this time.

I have rebranded Selfish by Soph from red & black adorned with devil horns to a more muted neutral palette with the help of a social media manager. If you know me, you know I am not a neutral girly so that one kind of hurt my soul. I rebranded that design to use more color which is when the pink came into play.

I have felt the need to rebrand Selfish by Soph with the changing seasons of my life. Selfish by Soph was born when I first graduated college in 2020 when I needed a creative outlet to pass the time. Then the first rebrand was during a phase in my life when I was entirely focused on my health, from daily hot girl walks to meditation to yoga - the neutral tones were intended to inspire being selfish for yourself! Finally, the pink was representative of the more fun, girly side of balancing life and health and running a business and being a human and also working a full-time job. Plus, it was the year of Barbie, so you get the point.

When deciding to rebrand, I had to consider what colors I wanted to use next. I love a sage green paired with a lighter green. I could keep the pink and just mix up the tones. But my soul kept saying blue. Can't deny what the heart wants right?!

Now you might be thinking, it's just some colors it's not that deep Soph! Oh, but it is! These colors are Selfish by Soph's personality, identity, feeling and they are chosen with the consideration of how they will make YOU, my audience, feel. (Also, how they make me feel, but as you can tell by this point most colors inspire me.)

Blue is the color of denim!! Which, duh, should have been my original design, but we're here now. Better late than never!  It's also symbolic of a period of time when I am trying to lean into living in the moment.  It's so hard not to worry about all the things you think you are missing out on or should be doing.  My mantra recently has been "you are exactly where you need to be."  Grounding myself by the ocean or looking at the sky reminds me just how small we really are and how fleeting these moments of self-doubt are.  

So, with all that said, I hope you welcome Selfish by Soph with her new blues the same way you have so kindly supported her for all these years now.  

Introducing the newest version of Selfish by Soph!




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