Boss Babes Club Crew Neck
Boss Babes Club Crew Neck
Boss Babes Club Crew Neck
Boss Babes Club Crew Neck

Selfish by Soph

Boss Babes Club Crew Neck

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Elevate your boss babe status with our Boss Babes Club Crew Neck! This isn't just a sweatshirt; it's a declaration of your fierce, unstoppable spirit. Choose between shimmering gold or bold pink vinyl lettering that adds a touch of glamour to your empowered style.

Crafted from super-soft and cozy fabric, this crew neck is like a warm hug – comfortable and confidence-boosting. It's not just clothing; it's your armor for conquering the day with style and attitude. Picture yourself wrapped in the luxurious softness, making a bold statement without saying a word.

The gold vinyl option exudes sophistication, turning your casual look into a golden opportunity to showcase your boss babe vibes. On the other hand, the pink vinyl is a playful burst of color that screams fun and fearlessness. Whichever you choose, it's a personalized touch that reflects your unique brand of confidence.

Whether you're tackling a work project or indulging in a cozy night in, this crew neck is your go-to companion. It's versatile enough to be your fashion statement in a boardroom or your cuddle buddy on a lazy Sunday. So, slip into your Boss Babes Club Crew Neck, embrace the softness, and conquer the world with style and sass. Because being a boss babe isn't just a title; it's a lifestyle, and this crew neck is your fashion manifesto. 💪✨


  • Black Women’s Crew Neck
  • Gold OR Pink Everyday Iron On Vinyl
  • Fitted


Runs true to size but fits more like a shirt than a sweatshirt.  

Care Instructions

Only wash when necessary.  Wash inside out.  Dry on delicate setting or air dry to maintain the integrity of the vinyl.