The Heartbreakers’ Club

The Heartbreakers' Club is for all the baddies out there.

"Not yours, cry about it" is to honor those who just don't seem to take "not interested" for an answer. "Stay emotionally unavailable and make me feel needy," is a little nod towards those f**kboys we all know and love.  And lastly, we have "text me back so I can tell you I don't care anymore" as a tribute to those who tried to ghost us or those moments that weren't our finest when we texted a guy just one. too. many. times.  

Hey, it happens to all of us.  

Keep your heads, heels and standards high!  Do whatever makes you happy.  Be a bada** with a good a**.  You're doing amazing sweetie... but your wardrobe called me & asked for a new hoodie.  And I think you've found it.